Friday, March 21, 2008

Pete Wentz Says Something, Doesn't Annoy Me

According to Us Magazine, Pete Wentz tried to kill himself shortly after Fall Out Boy finished recording "their major label record." I assume this means their first album with Fueled by Ramen, which was "Take This to Your Grave", but the article doesn't say. The story, straight from Pete's mouth, is thus:

"I got in my car. I remember I was listening to Jeff Buckley doing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah and sat there and took a bunch of [anxiety drug] Ativan in a Best Buy parking lot," Wentz says in a video for MTV's college channel MTVU.

"And I called up my manager because I was, at that point, completely out of my head with Ativan. And I was talking to him and I was slurring my words, so he called my mom and my mom called me and she came and got me and we went to the hospital."

I'm not his biggest fan by a longshot, but he's promoting The Jed Foundation's Half Of Us campaign, which is aimed at lowering teen suicide rates. This was in an attempt to encourage those suffering from depression to seek professional help, so I have to give him kudos for that.

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