Saturday, November 3, 2007

Don't blame me if you do this...

...but if you happen to be really drunk/have a high pain tolerance/are a masochist, I suggest listening to "This Ain't a Scene" by Fall Out Boy. And listen for these lyrics:

I'm a little man
And I'm also evil, also into cats. Oh so into cats.

I know those aren't the real lyrics, but I swear to God it sounds more like he's singing that than the random shit coming out of his mouth.

There was more lyrical fun with Amy Winehouse high on meth, but the videos have all been yanked off the Intartubes as near as I can tell, alas. As has been mentioned, the new Killers video is out. I had momentary euphoria because I got my hands on it early, but it was surprisingly meh.

I miss the freaky random crap like "These Things That I've Done" and "For Reasons Unknown." More donkeys! More heads on sticks! Definitely more shower scenes.

In random news that nobody cares about, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day came to Britney Spears' defense in a recent interview. On the topic of her disastrous VMA appearance, he had this to say:
Watching Britney Spears was like watching a public execution. How could the people at MTV, the people around her, not know this girl was fucked up? People came in expecting a train wreck, and they got more than they bargained for.

She is a manufactured child. She has come up through this Disney perspective, thinking that all life is about is to be the most ridiculous star you could be. But it's also about what we look at as entertainment — watching somebody go through that.
My Chemical Romance will be releasing a video for their song "Mama" off of the Black Parade album on November 15th. It will be directed by lead singer Gerard Way, who--in case you forgot--is married to a woman.

I'm still so confused by that one.

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