Saturday, November 17, 2007

It grows on you, like a tumor

Like many children of the '90s, I can remember back when Savage Garden came out with their video for I Want You. It was a nice little song and that girl was so pretty! Oh, but then I found out that girl was actually Darren Hayes. (I think there may have been an actual girl at some point in the video, but mostly I just remember Darren.) That video may very well have been what inspired a lifelong obsession with guyliner and girly boys.

Well, thanks to the fabulous HB, I've rediscovered Darren Hayes as a solo-artist. I was vaguely aware that he still existed, but otherwise clueless until she started sending me links to videos and pictures. Oh, God. Pictures. He doesn't look like a girl any more, but he's still unspeakably beautiful. Then, there's the music...

I had to watch this video about three times before I could decide whether or not I liked it. Finally, I decided I did. It's just so over the top and aware of it's own insanity I can't not love it, even if it's wildly different from what I usually enjoy.

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