Friday, August 3, 2007

Just a brief gossip blip before the weekend

On July 7 of this year, Rufus Wainwright and the Killers both performed at T in the Park in Scotland before hopping over to Ireland to perform at Oxegen. Since Wainwright had said he was still waiting for a response to his song "Tulsa", I had wondered if he and Brandon Flowers might have a second meeting.

There was never any news about the two talking, but an interesting factoid was that Wainwright didn't play "Tulsa" at either show, despite the fact that it's been a part of his regular set for quite some time. Did Flowers ask him to stop performing it or did it just seem uncomfortably stalkerish to play the song when the subject was so close at hand?

Whatever was said about the song, "Tulsa" has been performed at shows since so Wainwright obviously hasn't decided to stop using it. The absence at the two big festivals might be explained by the fact that it's a very difficult song to play and Wainwright just didn't want to risk messing up at such a large venue. Maybe.

However, at a recent concert in Vancouver it was noted that Wainwright's typical introduction to the song "Tulsa" has changed. He's not saying that he's waiting for a response anymore. Instead, he said:
"Didn't succeed in seducing him. So. Failure"
Picture courtesy of Rebecca Blissett.

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