Friday, July 18, 2008

Through the Nearest Wormhole

Thanks to my incredible connections and the fact that I'm a world famous blogger, I managed to get my hands on Darren's Hayes' Time Machine Tour DVD early. [Okay, I just ordered the special edition which came out before the standard one, but I still got to watch it before most people, so nyah.]

On the first day I got it, I watched it twice, back to back, and could have watched it again that night, easily. Keep in mind that it was only a few months ago that I discovered his solo career at all. The first time I watched the video for Me Myself and [I] I actually recoiled from the computer in horror. Somehow, this album managed to win me over beyond all expectations.

Watching the tour, though, was even better than the album. One of the things I've found I really like about Darren is that he never does anything twice. Live performances aren't just rehashes of what's on the album. He tweaks it, he plays with it, he changes words, he goes from electronica to acoustic and back again.

In an interview, he mentioned that he actually lost money on this tour, because he spent so much on the stage. I can believe it, because this thing looks like some sort of crazy steampunk Broadway show. There's a gigantic bridge across the stage and at one point the backdrop unfolds itself into an origami crane which has to be around fifteen feet tall. Yes, I'm serious. He said he did it because he wanted to and knew going in he'd probably lose money. He did it anyway, because it was the tour he'd dreamed of, which just makes it so much cooler.

I've never bought a concert DVD before, since I prefer to see my live music, you know, live, but since the tour was over by the time I would have been willing to see him live and it was an ocean away anyway... well, it was definitely worth it to shell out the money for the DVD. Watching it on the big screen wasn't quite the experience of seeing it in person, but it was fabulous all the same. I'd recommend it to any fan.

Order it from Amazon now: The Time Machine Tour

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