Saturday, December 8, 2007

Covers That Will Never Be: "Little Girls"

There are some songs that are so deeply entrenched in their own time that it would be almost impossible to ever, ever record the song again. From a cultural perspective, we can enjoy a lot of this music still, but it would be career suicide for any modern artist to try to cover it. One such song is Oingo Boingo's "Little Girls."

This is probably among the creepiest of videos I've ever seen--perhaps even rivaling the cat with human hands--and the whole concept of it is deeply disturbing. How in the hell did Danny Elfman get away with singing a song about lusting for young girls with a whole lot of violent subtext? And then, as if that wasn't bizarre enough, the video actually embraces that subtext by having Elfman smothered in women dressed like preteens and violently tossing a shrinking woman off into a void. Oh, yeah, and then there's the kiss, which makes me twitch every time I watch it.

The midgets don't really help, either.

I cannot comprehend someone producing this song or video nowadays. But, in the bizarro world where somebody could get away with it, the perfect band to cover it would be The Killers. They already have the knack for sounding like they just walked right out of the '80s and they love doing covers from that decade, so it'd be right up their alley.

And possibly the only way to make this video any creepier would be to work Brandon Flowers' funny uncle mustache into it.

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