Thursday, November 22, 2007

New Killers Video, Shadowplay

Here's yet another new video from the Killers, and nearly as uninspired as the last one. It's their cover of Joy Division's Shadowplay from the B-sides album, with scenes from the recent Ian Curtis Biopic Control interwoven with incredibly lifeless snippets of the band.

I think the big problem here is that they're taking themselves far, far too seriously. Back when they made silly videos with things like stealing donkeys from midgets and ripping off Moulin Rouge, it was entertaining. It was fun. They were a cute band with a nice retro sound, after all. Then, somewhere along the way they got the idea that they were serious artistes and it all went to shit. Obviously, something needs to be done.

Dear Mr. Flowers,

You do not have gravitas. You completely and utterly lack gravitas. The mustache isn't making people take you seriously. It's just stupid. You look like a depressed pubescent Italian girl in need of a wax. Go back to singing about cross-dressing or girlfriends cheating on you or what-the-fuck-ever you used to sing about. And then make a video with a giant chicken and women trying to kill you with spoons. It'll help.


Anonymous said...

Don't you remember Read My Mind? That was no doubt a goofy video. And wait until you see the "Don't Shoot Me Santa" video. In fact, look it up on youtube now. Then we'll see if you can hold on to the opinion that the Killers take themselves too seriously...

Jessica said...

Read My Mind is exactly the sort of thing I'm comparing them to! I loved the goofy, silly stuff they used to do, but I worry about the more serious direction they've been taking. It seems like they're trying to be this generation's U2 and...well, I can't stand the self-importance of U2.