Sunday, September 30, 2007

Take the MCR Challenge!

According to Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance is not emo and he takes offense at having them lumped in with "that pile of shit." He insists that his band is nothing at all like emo and challenges you (yes, you!) to listen to My Chemical Romance and some of that emo crap side by side and you will see, once and for all, that they have nothing in common.

You may not have any emo or My Chemical Romance to compare, but fear not! I have gone through the trouble of finding samples for you to compare. First, let's check out Fall Out Boy:

And then MCR:

Hmmm. Very interesting. Okay, now let's try some Panic! at the Disco:

And then MCR:

So, seriously now. What do you think? Emo or not?

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