Thursday, March 6, 2008

Real Ultimate Power

Today, I was handed a seventeen year old's iPod. She wanted me to load it up with music. I gave her a rather dubious look.
"You don't listen to the same music I do."
"Yeah, but you introduced me to the White Stripes and I like them!"
"You ran from the room screaming when I tried to make you watch that Killers' video."
"I'm sick of all the music I have, though. I need new stuff."
And so, with no direction or input from her, I had a blank slate to fill up with whatever I liked. I hadn't opened up iTunes in a while, being a Winamp kind of girl, so was pleasantly surprised to find just how much music I had to choose from on this hard drive: 6.7 days worth. Oh yes. I could find some mind expanding experiences for this kid.

This had to be one of the most entertaining afternoons I've ever had, just picking random songs and tossing them at somebody to see what sticks. It wasn't like making a mix CD for someone, since I wasn't trying to "say" something or share things that had personal significance for me. It was just this big, gorgeous orgy of musical experimentation. I'm particularly looking forward to what her response will be once she makes it through everything I put on there. Will she discover a sudden love for Nickel Arcade? Will the Flaming Lips be a transcendent experience for her? Will she realize Franz Ferdinand is a band named after an archduke and not a solo-artist?

And most importantly of all: will she regret having handed the iPod to me?

(The highlight of the whole thing, for me, will be when she finds this song:


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