Monday, February 25, 2008

Shocking, but True

January and February sucked in a very bad way, in case you were wondering. Moving right along...

Panic at the Disco's video for their single "Nine in the Afternoon" is out, and much to my shock...I like it. At first I was a bit put off by the huge change in sound (and mildly amused by the fact that they decided to drop their exclamation point), which drastically moved away from everything I'd liked about the band. The lyrics aren't quite so clever and there isn't that funky, discordant feel to the music anymore. And yet...

It works. There's a sort of trippy, modern twist to the Beatles going on here. Sure, the simplistic rhymes are kind of goofy, but in the context of the song--which is a goofy, giddy little love song--they're perfect.

My main concern is the addition of a fake mustache on Brendon Urie during the marching band scenes. This is how it all began with Brandon Flowers, you know. First there's a weird video where he's sporting a fake mustache. The next thing you know, the pretty is covered in scary, bushy facial hair and you can't look directly into the 'stache lest your soul be sucked from your struggling body.

Hopefully, Brendon will prove stronger than his fellow Vegas frontman.

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